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Inverted Paradox Existence delivers seemingly endless, impenetrable militant walls (yes, I know!) of organ-grinder noise with a serious war black metal backbone. The idea for this release originated a number of years ago on a trip to Canada’s west coast in the frigid month of January that exposed the locals in beautiful British Columbia to the utterly soul-entrenching energy of this project for the very first time. I had first witnessed the focused simplicity of D.N.E. at a local festival in an art gallery in 2014 and was immediately sold. This is blown out failing circuitry, percussion and swirling textural nothingness…or everything-ness, sealed with the kiss of death. Baphomet dances on your grave. A special art-edition release of Inverted Paradox Existence is currently being cultivated in the ritual chamber of D.N.E.’s Harsh Noise War Black Metal label, War Vellum – keep your eyes and ears open.
All artwork and layout for the release by D.N.E.

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