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Custodian and Gnawed are recognized as two of the best artists to emerge from the bleak Midwestern noise/industrial underground. These recordings, which were originally released as a 3″ CDR in limited quantities, are finally available again. “Loathesome” is one of the best collaborations you’ll ever hear, somehow managing to achieve more than the sum of its parts. This was perhaps the most aggressive period of Gnawed, and Grant Richardson’s viscous power-electronics is layered over the looping harsh noise of Custodian. These recordings are ice-cold, drenched in reverb and disgust. The hateful vocal attack of Gnawed, when combined with one of Custodian’s trademark freezing harsh loops, is completely unstoppable. I was lucky to witness both of these artists emerge as two of the best noise/industrial acts around, and it is a privilege to reissue this flawless document of the scene that inspired me to start New Forces. This is exactly how a collaboration should sound, and is the target other artists should aim for. Hail the Minneapolis-Milwaukee alliance. Gnawed and Custodian forever.

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