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Historical Itaian P/E act moving around ADRIANO VINCENTI (Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte / Senketsu No Night Club / plus various other projects) and ANDREA CHIARAVALLI (Iugula-Thor).
A great album in best Itaian P/E tradition!
And CRONACA NERA are for sure among the Italian masteres of the genre.
eight tracks (over 40 minutes of sounds) full of sex and violence.

Limited / Numbered edition of 69 copies.
Full colour folding-cover
Full colour cassette-Body print

1. The Plague of the Hurried Chinese drinking my Fluorescent Sperm from the Mantle of Jade
2. Candy Man Night Club
3. Stricnina on Nylon’s toes
4. Meat
5. Play
6. Strangled
7. Nylon Condom Squirt.
8. Session of Bites and Licks

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