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Since Prime Ruin’s inception, the goal has been to highlight true underground artists from upstate, NY: ones creating compelling work outside the spotlight created by cult labels or peer association. It is fitting that the label’s first double cassette is a proud presentation of the compositions of Syracuse’s Courtney Asztalos.

Some may recall Courtney’s name from her debut in International Klein Blue on Gracious Host. This is perhaps the lightest introduction to her work as an artist as she is both an accomplished photographer and curator, with music as a long-standing passion. While her tape manipulations alongside Trevor Clement in IKB, and her contributions to her band Room Thirteen outline her capabilities and leanings as a musician, A Float Down Erie Blvd. is a showcase of Asztalos’ singular vision.

The sum of these recordings was compiled over 10 years between southern locations in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana before finally rooting in Syracuse, NY where the album’s title takes it’s name. While the vintage drum machine and organ pairing bring “bedroom pop” to mind, a few songs into the album make it clear that there is something bigger happening here. Tracks like the breezy, tropical Black Fountain and After What You Did to Mary set the tone for an ever-present, just-past-sunset world of intrigue. On Rabbit Ran Across the Field and Hollow Mountain, Asztalos’ voice takes on an ethereal quality, spinning tales of loss and fantasy. A Float Down Erie Blvd. is an album that manages to create a fully formed world, down to the carpet and wallpaper. An almost Lynch-ian setting where one is never too certain of what is reality and what is a dream. All the while, Asztalos paints a beautiful aural scenery and gently sings out how each of her characters will meet their unfortunate ends.

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