CONTAGIOUS ORGASM – Live at Maschinenfest 2008 CS


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ten years down the road, it’s time to make available contagious orgasm’s live performance at maschinenfest 2008, and you’ll find it has matured like a good wine: culled mainly from the ‘ripple’ album ant-zen had released the year before, plus some truly mindbending suprises, these <40 minutes represent what is possibly hiroshi’s boldest foray into ‘accessible’ idm electronica and illbient, while remaining on the experimental side of things for sure. everyday sounds and field recordings mingle with the sounds of conventional instruments in the shape of sequenced rhythm patterns and melodies. from the krautish opener ‘neo for’ to the intense minimalism of ‘smoke’, from the sincerity of ‘tragedy creature’ to the intense, tribal-flavoured finale of ‘firewalker…’, this is highly emotional, authentic sound art at its best. and in order to top it all off, there’s the addition of two cover versions (not common practice in the genre): the cure’s ‘pornography’ recreates the sinister string sounds and drug-induced darkness of the original; and then there’s ‘die roboter’ in a completely unique interpretation (exclusive to this release), mixing the signature key line with uneasy sound debris – and what could me more appropriate for the contagious orgasm’s intention with this release than the kraftwerk reference?

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