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A document celebrating the camaraderie between two generations of the Los Angeles underground.

Leading off the A Side is a long form scorcher from Jay Howard’s prolific Circuit Wound. Incorporating a stripped down and rhythmic approach to his signature immersive assaults, Religion is the Ultimate Con showcases yet another dimension to this already extremely versatile project. Sharp percussive bursts of blistered noise collide and scatter forming patterns of labyrinthine dissonance and delirium that forcefully build into a battery acid deluge of mind-flaying, lurid, auditory corruption. A true display of ingenuity and discipline.

The B Side presents a sophomore release from a relatively new voice in heavy electronics, Jason James’ project Nu Sire. Informed by (but in no way beholden to) his roots in underground techno and rave culture, Nu Sire’s approach feels at home in the realm of 90’s industrial/noise circles, yet also feels incredibly modern regarding its process and intention. On Vengeful Spirit subtle synth work and processed feedback are manipulated to build dense slabs of textural mass dragged full bore across the senses like renegade tectonic plates fully intent on leaving topographical scars on your psychological landscape. A young project, but one that early on has managed to win the respect of a lot of veteran peers.

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