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Let’s start at the beginning. Roughly 2 years ago Magnetic Coroner began as a live-only project meant for the use of filling bills on local shows. Shortly after the initial couple shows came the plan to source recordings from discarded tapes. THEN came the call for participants to submit their own sources in exchange for proper credit and the result it produced, however muddled.

The first person to submit original sources of their own to the Magnetic Coroner experiments was Chris Reierson. To date, Reierson has donated the most original material and donated the most frequently. In the collected MC treasure-trove there are all manner of size and length loops, uniquely unidentifiable sources, innovative designs and even some hardware to boot.

It is both appropriate and satisfying to hear Reierson’s work in a complete form here with Airtractor. You’ll hear firsthand the adept craftsmanship of cassette manipulation as these loops flow outward. The layout is thoughtful and treads carefully. The listener will note dynamic growth between the two sides as well as the growing sense of unease with the tape’s progression. A real treat, highly recommended for any fan of evolving cassette loops and stereo-panned tension.

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