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Hailing from Louisville, KY, Chlorine is the incredibly addicting output of Joey Magnum and Jake Terry. These two have been on fire the last couple years with non-stop output from myriad projects: Fixate, DPCLB, The Slums of Heaven and more on their imprint Synth Punk. At a time when it feels that much of the underground is uninspired, these projects (and Chlorine especially) cut right through the murk.

Having just released their full-length “The Weight” on Popnihil, Chlorine gives it their all with Time Sleeps Again sounding instantly like it was written as an additional fully-conceptualized album. This is perhaps their most grounded of the above mentioned projects but still straddles a range of influences, blending strong New Zealand-style garage rock with US no-wave. Tracks like “Tracer” are an instant driving hit while hazy, dream-like tunes such as “Minutes” and “Think Aloud” will have you flipping this tape over again all spring. Fans of Total Control will take to this in a heartbeat–this is the feeling of finding your new favorite band.

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