CALIGULA031 – Veneralia CS


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“Now is the wished for time to crown delight, Turn night to day and day into the night. Prepare for stirring, masque, midnight revels All rare variety to provoke desire” – The Tragedy of Messalina, Empress of Rome by Nathaniel Richards, 1640 “…And then lead her back like a married woman, with her head arranged, let her have plaits and headbands. And let her pretend that she is your wife; also she has been instructed thus. …and note the attention paid to the markers of identity for a matrona; hair style and hair ribbons . The verb adsimulare completes the theatrical context. We could say that she is dressing as the stock matrona character, since she adopts all the simple markers of the matrona’s identity onstage: hairstyle (mask) and deportment (walk).” Through a dangerously sincere dedication to the classic Power Electronics form and electronic technology, Marco Deplano once again displays his profound talent for ravaging power lines of unsettling tones, crushing distortion and the tackling of ancient Mediterranean themes. LSHN is honored to release another cassette from their favorite active project. Recorded and Mixed in isolation during Winter 2021. Pro-tape C30, edition of 80, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging.

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