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“Guts in Red Plastic” is two 21-minute slabs of blown out crash and crunch, thin blades and sharp feedback. Relentless harsh noise attack. The base sound sources are the result of a necropsy performed/ documented by N. Desuah:
“…For over 20 minutes, I mangled and mutilated the organs while listening to the amplified, wet mush of the bloody innards and the crackle of the plastic as the sounds recorded to tape. These recordings were created by amplifying and overdriving the respective source recordings and supplementing with raw and distorted junk metal sounds as they played…”

This tape comes with artwork that is rearranged/restructured from the full size, special edition including full color collage and info insert (both mostly of original photos from the recorded procedure). Type I tapes dubbed real time in a norelco box.

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