BOB BELLERUE – Universal Underconsciousness CS


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Two studies in feedback and acoustic resonance presented by Ende Tymes curator, Bob Bellerue. The last but certainly not least in this batch’s theme of feedback-based releases, featuring the most range in a reverb-drenched battle between the low and high-end.

Bellerue’s use of the room he performs in is apparent in each recording, lending itself to an immersive experience. The hiss and crackle are fully stereo, disorienting and hypnotic. Even when the shrieks subside to allow for focus on a resonating cymbal or wire, the same swaying inertia is present. Dizzy and nauseous from the churning, these pieces leave one stumbling. This is the sonic equivalent of stepping off a fair-ride and feeling your body pulled forward, toward your next destination.

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