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Ryan Bloomer (Intensive Care, Flatline Construct, The Endless Blockade) assembled one of the most flawless harsh noise discographies of the past decade with a series of recordings released under his own name on labels like Harsh Head Rituals, Self Abuse, and Chondritic Sound. I’ve been hoping Ryan would record a follow up to his New Forces tape for years, and I’m happy to announce a return to the textual harsh noise he is known for, this time under the moniker “Bloomer.” The trademark walls of crunch are combined with flawless cuts, but what sets “Wound With A Foreign Object Embedded” apart from previous efforts is the increased use of tape as an editing tool and sound source. Heading in the opposite direction of most “tape music,” Bloomer uses tape to inject a crude intensity into these walls of sound. The evolution of North American harsh noise from an undisputed master.

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