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Operating as FLATLINE CONSTRUCT as well as his own name since the late 90s, Ryan Bloomer is someone that should be synonymous with Canadian harsh noise. His Trauma Tone label and custom-built noise devices solidified his status in the genre’s canon of the 2000s. Alongside his solo efforts on various legendary labels such as Harsh Head Rituals, New Forces, Self Abuse, Troniks, etc. Bloomer has worked in various collaborative projects with the likes of Dominick Fernow (PRURIENT) and Sam McKinlay (THE RITA). Now with a re-adoption of the BLOOMER moniker, ‘Battle’s Sign’ delivers an extremely satisfying barrage of crumbling decay and ranks high as a personal favourite under the Absurd Exposition banner.

Edition of 110 pro-dubbed on white tapes with one-sided pad-printed labels. Includes download code.

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