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For those who have not tracked the last year of this project’s subtle appearance through myriad labels, Apaixonar is the latest moniker of Brandon Hill. While Hill is perhaps best known for his solo death-soaked PE project Plagues and his non-stop touring grind band Cloud Rat, Apaixonar shows him taking a dip into the left field territory of modular synthesis.

On ‘O Amor..’ (translated from Portugese: “Love Inside Machines”) we are presented with three tracks of near-cinematic depth. Spanning from the dramatic introduction of Volatile Memory to the contemplative Emotional Capacities… , one can hear both a longing and curiosity in these pieces as the artist meditates on the past. Each passage is at once arresting and bright, holding the listener captive even at its most melancholic periods.

One of the remarkable things about synthesis is the ability to coax sounds out of devices by simply allowing them to interact with each other naturally, letting them discover one another and themselves. There is a specific, fascinating beauty in listening to electricity pushing machines to reach for their next step, to pine for the next note. In that respect, this release is appropriately titled as Hill composes the setting for a tale of yearning and allows the patches to form the narrative within.

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