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Andorkappen is the moniker of Los Angeles based artist/musician Sandor Finta whose most recent full length, Transmissions From The Netherworlds, marks the closing of a recent trilogy of albums hosted on fellow labels Fantasy1 and Finta’s own imprint, Universal Consciousness. Transmissions showcases the boundless and multi-faceted approach of a veteran maker brazenly crafting a tangled throughline between all the scattered planes of experimental sound while consistently defying trend, genre, and expectation within every effort. No allegiances. No trends. Just pure spirit. If forced to try and find sonic kinfolk I’d say that Andorkappen’s alchemical ethos shares a chromosome or two with the warped rhythmic stylings of mid to late period Esplendor Geometrico or the more psychedelic tangents of the prolific German Army, but even with those touchpoints this course is very much its own thing. Much Darker. More fossilized. Two deadened meditations echoing across time and space from within the innards of an eclipsing void. True outre industrial for those willing to carve their own path.

Design by Sandor Finta

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