AMANDA R. HOWLAND – Spider, Milk, Batshit, Silence CS


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Amanda R. Howland recorded Spider, Milk, Batshit, Silence using all the gear in her living room. The summer sessions were no good, so she recorded again in October and November, always very late at night. The sounds come from the same world as Howland’s fiction and describe the encounters of a woman and her frightening, hypnotic teacher. They sit face-to-face in the hot dusty attic of a bungalow occult shop. The windows are covered with translucent white plastic. Later, the woman searches for her mentor in the basement of the house. The basement is stacked with filthy dented boxes from some long-gone family. The woman finds her teacher in a far corner by a door. They succumb to a circle of golden fascination in the coal room.

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