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THE HATERS – One of the most influential entities in the noise underworld, with an existence that precedes its own foundations and a focus on entropy through permanent conceptual reinvention.
KAKERLAK – Xerox saturated, ultra vile sounds keeping the 90s Americanoise corpse afloat.
DEVELOPER – Exquisite cut-up wizardry from a contemporary master.
UNTERGESCHOSS – Now sadly defunct, one of the most consistent noise labels from recent years, displaying an accurate vision and a honorable approach to its craft throughout a short yet impressive path.
UNDERGROUND POLLUTION RECORDS – Belching releases at an inhuman pace, recycling the world through total DIY.
NECROBUTCHER – A journey into the gloriously radical days of the brazilian Necrounderground for those willing to dig deep enough. “No Thrash!!”
DOWN & OUT – Tasmanian publication with a very personal, distinctive view on zine writing and a fresh honesty that overcomes genre boundaries or micro-scene expectations.
KIDDIEPUNK – Home for all things Michael Salerno related. Cryptic, entrancing and elegant take on visual transgression.
MIKE DIANA – Legendary comics artist in a rare appearance, going from the well known trial incident and its symbolic value to the freedom of speech fight, to his perspectives on the underground art and publishing of the here and now.

Cover drawing by Romain Perrot

16x23cm / 112 pages / Offset print / Cover printed in Incada Silk 220g / Inside printed in Coral Book White 80g

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