THOMAS STETSON – “Defects” Art Book


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The visuals created by the mind and pen of Thomas Stetson are some of the most refreshing and distinctive to be unleashed throughout the underground in recent years. Obsessively detailed and drenched in sickened textures, they range from the microscopic focus to the multidimensional hallucination, floating permanently in an undefined and supernatural in-between.

“Defects” is comprised of hopeless immersions into the nightmarish regions of the artist´s intimate universe, through a psychotic unfolding of all its inhabitants, being as bleak as dazzling, a kaleidoscopic catalogue of the diseased, the afflicted, the deformed, all those who infinitely suffer and perish.

Disorienting and nebulous, saturated yet astoundingly precise, this is masterful bestial summoning.

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