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Original red cover.
72 pages.

– Runnin’ N Gunnin’ with TOMMY WRIGHT, III (gangsta rapper from Memphis)
– On The Prowl with STEPHEN BESSACc (Kickback)
– Collages by KRISTIAN OLSSON ( Alfarmania, etc)
– Let’s talk prostitution with ANNIE SPRINKLE (ex pornstar & hooker, pro-prostitution feminist)
– CHARLES GATEWOOD presenting his Forbidden Photographs
– SIBOY, insane french rapper
– MADE IN FRANCE :SKINHEAD STORIES (Interview with an early 80s French nationalist skinhead.)
– Just Another Freak In The Freak Kingdom (writing on a friend obsessed with missing children, painting their faces over and over)
– Record, zine reviews
– Collages. Sleaze, filth, violence….

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