TUOL SLENG MINISTRIES – Photographs Have No Fixed Meaning Until They Are Interpreted LP


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All new full length album by BPP in house project TSM… Previously a single cassette was released in 2018 that dealt with the surreal and horrific panorama of warcrimes within the world history..

Power electronics and industrial for fans of Tesco Organization and other classic projects..

This LP deals with the Beslan siege of 2004 and the way the media broadcast unrelenting images of brutality and pain without a second thought.. It deals less with the hypocrisy of the news cycle but rather the systems and individuals that support consumption of war images and video.. Whether it is awards won for photojournalism or documentaries sold to TV stations or even a single person saving each and every image and video clip for later .. The shallow and bloody narrative that folds together to tell a story of the event … The need for understanding.. The lie of packaging empathy to be sold when the truth is much more ugly and simple..

Contains a 16 page black and white booklet with art, lyrics and essays

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