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Reissue of the classic noisecore split tape released in 1994 by Cadaverizer Records

TLLN was the one man noisecore project of Billy Nocera… Their side on this split is some of the best Traci Lords Loves Noise material ever.. Still minimalistic but more akin to a full band on this recording .. Blown out and psychotic noisecore with an absurdist take on worthless pop music and underground culture trends on the 90s..

Genital Masticator is a legendary noisecore group from Spain.. Fronted by underground icon Manolo Cubas since 1992 this recording perfectly showcases their rotten blend of stop / start blasting noisecore perfection .. recorded as a live set in 1993 it is full of warped energy and a revolting aggression that can’t be topped..

We are proud to have been able to reissue this important piece of underground history…

Remastered by Grant Richardson for vinyl..

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