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Limited edition reissue of this album originally released in 1986 on cassette on Broken Flag. Comprising two untitled side-long pieces, ‘Do Not’ catches Gary Mundy of Ramleh in peak ‘noise’ mode with his solo endeavour, taking much from his place as one of the innovators of the so-called power electronics genre yet pushing this confrontational avant-garde sensibility somewhere entirely new. It is a sound that Kleistwahr has continued to explore and add new dimensions to since, but never completely untangles itself from this particular root. Raw and seemingly unrestrained, these pieces present a robust, white-hot sonic meltdown up there with the very best from this ultimately fertile period for music from the basement.

This LP is packaged similarly to the vinyl reissues of the first two full-length Kleistwahr albums released by Harbinger Sound in 2011, ‘Arsonicide’ and ‘Myth’. It is also being released the same time as the one-sided ‘Mobility’ reissue originally released on cassette in 1983.

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