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The Blue Can Crossing lathe record series continues with two idiosyncratic bits of sound exploration from John Collins McCormick. John’s homemade devices click, clatter, and whir their way into your ears in ways that are both auditorily satisfying and conceptually intriguing. Careful listeners will find much to uncover, rewarded for repeat listening. The sound of things coming apart? Or the sound of things assembling exactly as intended…

Hand-cut clear polycarbonate lathe record for maximum intimacy, cut by Hex Audio Labs. Cardstock sleeve with printed vellum overlay. Limited edition. Please note: lathe records can require adjustments to the weight, anti-skate, and other settings on your turntable for optimal playback. Sometimes a penny placed on the top of the cartridge can solve all your problems. These are idiosyncratic and sometimes obtuse bits of media. Enjoy the ride.

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