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Human Larvae was born from ashes of Broken Diode. Former name published handful of tapes and CDR’s during 2006-2008. Already exhibiting skilled noise in both studio and live environment. Change of name to Human Larvae, marked also project to move into making full length albums. Besides “Home is where the hurt is” CD (Existence Establishment, usa 2008), “Womb Worship” CD (L.White, ger 2013), Human Larvae has only handful of releases in its discography.

Freak Animal is proud to present 3rd full length Human Larvae, his first in vinyl format. “Behind Blinding Light” presents well the diversity of this German band. There is nothing quite like it to emerge from German industrial scene. One could trace elements of other groups, such as carefully crafted acoustic sounds of IRM, gloomy semi-melodic tones and delay drenched vocal effects of Prurient, utterly balanced and precisely tweaked mixing of Control and masculine roaring vocals of Grunt… yet they all blend naturally into Human Larvae itself. Project shows its strength to be able to fully master wide variety of approaches and blend them together. Be it aggressions of junk metal harsh noises, icy cold ambient tones or delicate acoustic experiments. If one could put together albums such as “Order4”, “Seer Of Decay”, “Pleasureground”, “The Means To And End” with additional dose of personality, he could come up with such unique album as “Behind Blinging Light”. Entirely different from masses of faceless recordings.

LP comes with offset printed covers and four 15x15cm cards with artwork and lyrics.

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