GX Jupitter-Larsen – Pump-Powered Permawave 10”


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GX Jupitter Larsen: Pump-Powered Permawave 10″ oxen007 Orange Vinyl, limited edition (200) shipping Nov 04, 2014! If you’ve seen GX or The Haters in the last few months you’ve seen the salvo of entropic noise greatness in the form of GX and his deployment of the Pump-Powered Suitcase Noise device. 10″ features new recordings; four (two complimentary lock-grooves) tracks of this exceptional action.


“Pump Powered Permawave” is a new 10″ record of two locked grooves from noise legend , entropic wave enthusiast and all around spectacular artist , and not to mention founder of the legendary noise / conceptual art / performance unit, the Haters, which if you’ve never heard of, I Suggest doing some research, GX Jupitter – Larsen. GX’s works are conceptual, dark, funny, harsh and mysterious all at the same time which is one of the reasons I’m so intrigued with him as an artist, and I this new 10″ record on Oxen Records, out of Los Angeles, is no exception. GX does it again, the simple plan wins, but when you dig deeper there’s a deeper meaning behind the broken wave of decay, your brain is actually inverted to create the sound. What a beautiful record and piece…”


“,, luggage malfeasance from the chief of all misanthropists GX. rubbed raw scratch ‘n scrapes in varying portions, locked lunacy in multiple flavors (but who can tell the difference anyhow); looping sandpaper one drones drill deeper than the bits themselves. nerve wrenching noise of the naughty variety.”

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