ATRAX MORGUE – Esthetik of a Corpse LP


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The sadistic industrial spurts of Atrax Morgue, are secretions of body fluids converted into noise stinging and nauseous and his work is an unhealthy, stinking container, with most depraved delusions that the human brain can give birth. The fourteen splinters of Esthetik Of A Corpse were recorded in spring 1995 and released on tape by Slaughter Productions. A quick overview of the 50 minute tape: harsh electronics, sounds from obsessions and visions, death as sex, madness, pleasure, orgasm, cadavers and plastic bags. Of course, the canvass is freshly skinned off the body of one of the victims, and Marco makes much use of the entrails in his creation …
New mastering in 2020 by Andrea Marutti, the record has been pressed on 140 gr virgin black vinyl with inside-out printing sleeve in just 199 copies. As subtle and listenable as it is challenging and complex. We can’t recommend this one enough!

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