VICE WEARS BLACK HOSE – How To Shave Your Legs With A Straight Razor – For Women CD


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Limited edition pro-glass mastered CD in 6 panel Digipak

Straddling an obsession with Italian Giallo cinema and the fetishistic allure of lessons in shaving, Richard Ramirez and Sam McKinlay’s latest despatch as Vice Wears Black Hose is a spluttering, asphyxiated affair that seems to be squeezing itself through remnants of frayed cabling. A split-stereo mix crushes the noise into the corners, with both participants harnessing a thick low-end that congeals inside the ear canals. For mere moments throughout these 40 minutes, the pair make explicit reference to their primary muse; passages of murder and orchestral soundtrack emerge and recede, unsettling in their brevity, easy to dismiss as the hallucinations of a mind starved of stimuli. In absence of their narrative context these film clips are drained to their aesthetic tenets of death, sexuality and wilted celluloid, rendered as shocks of vibrant colour upon a canvas smothered in black.

Mastered by Grant Richardson
Art and design by Michael D. Brown
Made in the UK

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