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San Francisco-based musician, artist, and writer Mason Jones has been a giant force in the experimental underground for more than 30 years, from founding the influential record label Charnel Music and publishing the Ongaku Otaku magazine, curating the legendary Japanese / American Noise Treaty compilation for Release Entertainment, touring extensively and recording under a variety of guises and collaborations, including his earliest work under the moniker Trance. Ancient History collects three live tracks of shifting sound, industrial haunt, and ritual chaos, including the project’s first-ever live performance (1991), the Heinz Club Oakland set (1992) opening for the fabled C.C.C.C. show documented on their Loud Sounds Dopa disc, and an expanded, completely remastered version of the Live at the Starlight Furniture Company session (1991) recorded with Jojo & Junko of Hijokaidan and Elden M. of Allegory Chapel Ltd, previously released as a sought-after 7” record on Charnel Music.

A Troniks / Helicopter co-release, 2021

TRO-329, CD

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