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Thomas DeAngelo, known otherwise as T.D. or for his participation in Melkings, Zwangsbeglucktertum, Association Copy as well as his sadly departed Crisis of Taste label/mailorder, returns following his well-received Nothing New Under the Sun cassette (Gift of Music, 2022). From a distinctly leftfield position relative to the gnarled, textural tape noise works of this last output, DeAngelo in Voiceprints… offers an obscure, bloody-minded take on Sound Poetry and voice-based sound art over the course of this full length CD album.

In his own words….

‘According to Enzo Minarelli, the Italian pioneer of Polypoetry, “every poet needs a theory.” On this new Gesamtkunstwerk, “Voiceprints & Aircuts”, the theory proffered is that of “Sound Poetry By Other(s) Means”.
With pince-nez tilted towards nothing less than the failure of the Avant Garde to realize itself, “Sound Poetry By Other Means” utilizes the strategies of circa-mid 20th century audio poems as a vehicle for this virtual history tour. The various deficiencies, missteps, gear fuck ups and general atmosphere of “Why?” all bleed into the smudged margins to reinforce the cart-before-horse nature of producing art indifferent to, nay, incapable of commodification within a cratering Marketplace of Ideas. While the message is by no means optimistic it is voiced in an unaffected, at times even joyous register befitting the paradox of post-End of History déclassé unfreedom.

Although intended to be taken as a whole, audience members antagonistic to such prescriptive formalities may still find plenty of meat in the purely sonic form of alienation the disc provides.’

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