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“I was 10 years old when JAWS 3-D was announced and eventually played in movie theatres. I remember clearly listening to the radio(!) trailers while riding in my parents’ car and being fully conscious of the fact that I’ll be finally old enough to go to a new JAWS movie when it starts playing. There were never trading cards for the original JAWS but JAWS 2 had them and the JAWS 3-D trading cards were already being made, so the imagery was already widely accessible on the top of the various magazine promotional material. One detail kept standing out in the midst of all the new amazing mechanical shark ‘Bruce’ imagery and that was Bess Armstrong who would end up being my first woman actress crush based on her role in the film. The look of the chin-length bob hairstyle that was wet and slicked back for half of the film was second only to the revelation of her in a full-body blue wetsuit. My personal infatuation and dedication to women in opaque and semi-opaque nylon began here.
Nowadays, as I watch something like the ‘Fate’ character from the ballet CARMEN SUITE in a black unitard, I can see the clear parallels with Bess Armstrong’s wetsuit as I revisit JAWS 3-D regularly.


I’ve had the idea of basing a work around JAWS 3-D and most importantly Bess Armstrong’s role as Kathryn Morgan for some time, so turning 50 this year and reflecting on early developmental obsessions made it the perfect time to process the idea into harsh sound for Petite Soles. Using only samples of scenes from JAWS 3-D that involved Kathryn Morgan as sound source and pushing the idea further with imagery from women’s leg injuries in shark films, I think I really pushed the idea home and achieved a proper tribute to my first major aesthetics-based ‘crush’. An actress with slicked back hair and a full-body wetsuit who was aptly framed by the presence of a perfect abstract mechanical shark terrorizing fellow actresses.


– Sam McKinlay

The 6-panel Digipak CD includes a 4” x 6” collector card featuring commissioned art by Evening Anesthesia.

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