MURDER CORPORATION / DEDALI – Bleeding Images CD (Limited Edition)


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Bleeding Images is a split release between experimental noise artists Dedali (Alessandro Bosello, 1/2 of Italian label Menstrual Recordings) and Murder Corporation (Moreno Daldosso). The tracks from Dedali were all recorded between 2009 and 2018, and Murder Corporation in 2016 at Murderhouse. This album thus unearths these unreleased recordings from their personal archives. M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) is also featured in a collaborative 1st track together with Dedali titled The Shedding. This is a meditative soundscape combining harsh sounding drones overlaid by a growling ambience of chanting prayers that seems to emanate from an echo chamber.

Bleeding Images is heavy on tape sampling, short wave noises, radio frequency interference, treated electronics and distorted voices. The overall Armageddon-like atmosphere is one that is bleak and depressing. The forlorn environment of loss and despair is accentuated by the low frequency atmospheric loops of siren-like hums, fragmented conversations, fragile crackling of radio frequency channels and eerie striking of piano keys. These trance inducing noisescapes consisting of high pitched shrills, low frequency vibrations and whisper of distant voices weave in and out of your subconscious like the unsettling experience of hypnagogia.

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