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The Final Nail, is not a nostalgia cash grab or the revisiting of a friendly memory. This CD is the representation of dark years, good friends and bad dreams. A slight nod to a time that has long passed and which will never return. An era that some may regard as the salad days, but the baby has grown older, it’s no longer cute.

This compilation simply stands as a document of a period when the days were short, the nights were long and the future didn’t exist.
Presented here for the first time completely remastered are the original full length recordings of the “No Doves” c10 (both tracks run at nearly 7.5 minutes each), two 7″s, and the group’s track from the 2006 Choke Out the Sun tour CDr. Patient listeners may be rewarded.

Remastered by Grant Richardson at Hex Audio Labs.
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A portion of proceeds will go to benefit two charities: The Fur-Bearers and The Skatepark Project.

Play loud. This is a punk record.


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