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Breathing in dead flies was the first vinyl release by Mlehst pressed at gramophonov zavody (pre GZ media) in 1996. Basically we sent the master on a high quality chrome cassette tape as that was the highest quality technology we had. The overall sound quality was lo-fidelity to say the least, with a wide dynamic range which meant that a lot of the quieter original audio was buried in the rumble of the vinyl grooves. The 100 copy milky clear vinyl LP cemented the Mlehst and bandaged hand produce DIY aesthetic.

For this digital and CD reissue, a vinyl LP rip has been remastered and repaired with substantial work by “esoteric audio renovations” to create a clearer quality product than the original vinyl. The audio levels and dynamic range have been left similar to the original to preserve its integrity, although some passages of audio have been lifted slightly. High volume playback is recommended!

Cock sucking lips is an earlier Mlehst recording and a bit of an oddity, based on some very early Mlehst source material (1990/1991) with a slightly humorous edge, albeit demented. Very few copies of this cassette album were released, probably around 10-20 copies existed. These recordings are completely at odds with breathing in dead flies, but do show two sides of Mlehst.

For this digital and CD reissue a digital rip has been gently remastered only, with no real renovation needed.

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