MK9 / MICHAEL NINE – Discography and Video 2001-2006 2CD


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Disc One:

Michael Nine – Self Medicated 2002
Michael Nine – 7HZ Compilation Tracks 2002
Michael Nine – WHY 2002
Michael Nine – Apathy / Empathy 7″ 2003
MK9 – Resist 2005
MK9 – Cataclastic Fracture Vol. 2 VA Track 2005
MK9 – Kill – Unknown Date

Disc Two Enhanced:
MK9 – 2006 Performance source audio
Michael Nine: WHY Video 2002
Michael Nine: Communicated Video 2005
Michael Nine: Waiting Room Video 2006

Included are all of the main audio releseases from this time period. Enhanced Disc includes a web page interface. Included are three videos as well as an image gallery. The single audio track on the enhanced disc can be played on a CD player or a computer.
Comes in a double cd thick vinyl sleeve, with separate pockets for cds and booklets.

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