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Deluxe digipak reissue for 2020!

Two-and-a-half hours covering the complete LHD vinyl discography recorded between 2002 and 2007 by the double flamethrower unit of PHIL BLANKENSHIP and JOHN WIESE. Pure West Coast destruction, maximum density and speaker shred. Includes tracks from these 7-inches: Asthma (Helicopter); Hands of the Priestess (Miisc); Fascination (Swampland); Hotel Fire (P-Tapes); Normandie (Tape Room); Lock Up (Helicopter); Los Angeles (Troniks); and Veiled (Helicopter), and tracks from these LPs: Triple Void (Chondritic Sound): Electrophorus (Collective JYRK): Trap (Troniks), split with Immaculate:Grotesque (Truculent Recordings), plus two additional tracks exclusive to Even Still.

Expanded notes by Chris Sienko:

A Troniks / Helicopter co-release, 2020.

TRO-301, 2CD

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