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Stefan Aune has been known in noise circles for some time now, for his work as New Forces (both label and magazine), solo as Breaking the Will, and comprising half of duos Form Hunter and Action/Discipline. Kjostad has existed alongside those projects since 2014, an outlet for egregious mutations of site-specific source sounds and electronic tones. Extinctionist is the first full-length compact disc for Kjostad, following the CD reissues of cassettes Glacial Lake and Environment Electronics.

The sounds of a serene but cold day lakeside meld with crude electronics, while smoldering forest fire ambiance and scrap metal aggression are fed into the same woodchipper. Searing, breaking, buzzing noise escapes in methodical fashion, only to be reigned back in at just the right moment.

300 copies, 6-panel digipak.
Mastered by Grant Richardson.

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