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This CD closes K2’s second chapter which, through almost two decades, littered the noise world with some of the brightest, most bewildering, and most dangerous metal junks-infused noise imaginable. Junk-A-Tohgenkyo bookends that era of K2, following the Target To Nowhere and Brainwash Education CDRs on Cipher and Tochnit Aleph respectively, with a collection of the project’s final three live shows each staged in mid 2003. First, a solo set at Tokyo’s legendary 20000V aptly titled “The Last Metal Storm”. Second, a lengthy collaborative track with those titans of noise, the one and only Incapacitants, again at 20000V. Third, a less abrasive and utterly intriguing collaboration with Yukinori Kikuchi (Billy?) served up at Tokuzo in Nagoya. Each track is a room recording, capturing all the eagerness, pressure, volume and weld sparks of the event. This CD must be played LOUD for true effect. Pro-pressed CD, digipack, edition of 250 copies.

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