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James King and Peter O’Doherty present cyber-tech texted phonemes, sibilants, velar nasal agmas, buzzing hiss-pops and fricative fun.

All tracks are encoded in binaural audio so best listened to on headphones.

Recorded in Derry, N.Ireland in June 2019.
Texts taken from “20 Performance Texts (2019)” by Peter O’Doherty, a collection of computer-generated pseudorandom texts.

James King grew up in Larne, Co. Antrim and has lived in Derry for forty years. Since retiring from his post as Lecturer in Theatre Studies at the University of Ulster in 2004 King has developed his career as performance artist and sound poet. More recently he has been incorporating sound poetry and vocal improvisation in his performances. Much of King’s work is organic, spontaneous and site specific. In his performance work King interrogates and expresses how he is in the world. His respect for intuitive spontaneity is an invitation to others to question, challenge and be liberated.

Peter O’Doherty is an Irish composer and sound artist. He makes work for and with human, performers, computers and (sound) objects. His work often deals with memory, time, language and the relationship between text, code and gesture.

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