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For the last 4 years Matthew Reis has been keeping his noise to the confines of his incredible noisecore band Living Room (H1006). But you can only separate a man and his mute buttons for so long. Its hard to begin describing the music on this CD. Its everything. Every single sound there ever was stuffed into a school bus and thrown down a mountain. But its not some repetitive 20 distortion pedal endurance test like some longer form cut up albums can be. There are passages reminiscent of Matthew’s earlier concrete work as Teeth Collection that fill the space between canyons of demolishing cut up. Every song has its own set of distinct sounds and unique flow, and would work effortlessly as a side of a split. And yet when you listen to the entire thing there is no mistaking that you’re hearing a full album. This is a high-water mark not only for Matthew’s individual catalog but for the style of cut up harsh noise as a whole. 10 untitled tracks over 50 minutes that leaves you with an itch to hit play on track 1 again as soon as its finished. A feeling like maybe you can figure out what the fuck that was, or how he did that. But you can’t. And you never will. All you can do is play this disc until you go deaf, and stand in its shadow forever.

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