DANIEL & FABIEN LOWENBRUCK – Das Lebacher Orgelwerk CD


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1. Ester Satz
2. Zweiter Satz
3. Dritter Satz
4. Nebensatz
5. Vierter Satz
6. Fünfter & letzter Satz
7. Schlussakkord

Recording of the premiere performance of the “Weihnachtsoratorium” (Christmas Oratorio), an organ concert composed and played by the four hands of Daniel Löwenbrück & Fabian Löwenbrück. Performed December 26th, 2006 on the Hugo Meyer organ of the Evangelische Kirche in Lebach, Germany.

Daniel Löwenbrück (b.1974) is a German performance- and sound-artist, creator of tape-music, curator and (sometimes) visual-artist.

As a performance artist and composer of tape-music he performed internationally since the late 90’s as part of the Schimpfluch-Gruppe (with Rudolf Eb.er, Dave Phillips, Joke Lanz), as a duo with singer and performance artist Doreen Kutzke, as part of Ohne (with Tom Smith, Dave Phillips, Reto Mäder), with Swedish conceptual artist Leif Elggren, with Brazilian video- and sound-artist Marcellvs L. as Stallgewitter, and solo as Raionbashi and under his own name. He performed in New York, Sao Paulo, Bordeaux, Paris, Moscow, Minsk, London, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Chiang Mai, Tokyo, Osaka, Rotterdam, Vienna etc.

In 1994 Daniel Löwenbrück founded the label Tochnit Aleph publishing music, conceptual sound-art and editions by (visual) artists, sound-poets and composers. He works with / published works by artists like Hermann Nitsch, Artur Zmijewski, Dorothy Iannone, Rudolf Eb.er, Gerhard Rühm, Otto Muehl, Christina Kubisch, Wolf Vostell, Jean Dubuffet, Asger Jorn, Marc Zeier, Roman Signer, Henri Chopin, Dieter Roth, Franz Mon, Michael Barthel, Dominik Steiger, Toine Horvers, and many others.

Between 2008 and 2021 Löwenbrück curated Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) in Berlin, a store specialized in Artist-Records, Sound Poetry, Conceptual Sound Art, Contemporary Classical Music and the Noise Subculture.

Until January 2017 Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) also presented performances and exhibitions of visual works by Wolf Vostell, Toine Horvers, Roman Signer, Michael Barthel, Jürgen Eckloff, Franz Graf, Martin Riches, Gerhard Rühm, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Hartmut Geerken, Hermann Nitsch, Christina Kubisch, Seiji Morimoto, Stephen Cornford, Mario de Vega, and many others.

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