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“The new Cronaca Nera album sees a new line-up and the introduction for the first time of a female voice together with the historical one of Andrea Chiaravalli (Iugula Thor). Together with Adriano Vincenti who dealt with the noise and analog synths we find Serena Verena author of the lyrics (for the first time in Italian) and of the drawings for the artwork. Once again, the focus of the new concept is the vision of violence and sexual deviation, which from the title refers to sperm and blood, a fundamental combination in the vision of the band. The new album sees the participation of international guests of the caliber of Scatmother (on the Title track) and AntiChild League, two of the most loved projects of Cronaca Nera. This time the daughter band of Italian power electronics introduces some noise beats, on the style of Grunt, Bizarre Uproar, Mania, Scatmother and the most extreme currents of today’s international Power electronics.”

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