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“How often can you find yourself enshrouded in darkness before you forget there ever was light? And where does such an experience take you? Where does your mind live when you’ve gone beyond battle-weary, disappointed, and disenfranchised? When “pained” is too simple a word? Wherever that is, Blessed Sacrifist has long sat there, and firmly declares its permanent residence there with “Loss Of Innocence” – over an hour of mournful, tortured electronics. This isn’t some thrown-together sampling of an artist’s development – this is a meticulously composed and arranged collection, a definitive and damning auditory journey meant to distinctly entrench you within such harrowing space the artist has navigated. The listener may be able to walk away from this album and return to the light, but it is clear that the shadow has long fallen for Blessed Sacrifist, and we are left with its ultimate funeral dirge.” -Roman J Leyva

Thirteen years of tears, screams, and reflections culminate with the Loss of Innocence, the long anticipated, ultimate release of depressive electronics project Blessed Sacrifist. Written, recorded, and mixed between the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2018.

Blessed Sacrifist is Jay Linski.
Mastered by Grant Richardson.
Design and layout by Shea Hardacre.

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