BLACK LEATHER JESUS – A History of Perversion CD-R


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Brand new compilation of old Black Leather Jesus tracks spanning the length of their career. Tracks were compiled by Richard Ramirez himself and include tracks from split releases and multi artist compilation albums from numerous labels. Covers the full range of the band’s harsh noise and electronics.

Remastered by Grant Richardson and with artwork by Ewan Aparicio. Edition of 50 in digipak covers.

Short preview available here:

1. Untitled (from the multi artist compilation ‘Mail Music’)
2. Bondage Playground (from the split 7″ with Merzbow)
3. Loud Patient (from the multi artist compilation ‘Fratricide’)
4. Hard Cock (from the multi artist compilation ‘Two Ducks On A Truck’)
5. The Ripcord (from the multi artist compilation ‘Songs From The Darkroom’)
6. Healing Process (from the multi artist compilation ‘Freak Animal #10)
7. Untitled (from the split cassette with Mutant Ape)
8. Filthy Advances In A Backroom (from the ‘Rooms’ split cassette with Werewolf Jerusalem)

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