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bio, andy heck boyd, b 1981, lived in new hampshire for 40 years, permanently moved to kentucky in 2021, attended college in boston for tv/film production and filmmaking in maine dropped out of both classes in spring and then winter 2001, diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2002, worked at a gas station for several years before going on disability in 2010, took up drawing and painting and video making and began making cassette tape recordings in 2017, living hermit type life in small room in exeter nh for 11 years before moving to kentucky, took up tape recording to “be a writer” to write novels, chronic tendinitis from overuse of computer mouse making animation and daily painting and drawing with no stretching exercising etc, wanted to write but typing caused too much pain, and began to experiment with tape recording after getting into it around early 2017, never performed live, has had some painting exhibitions with galleries, a few in seattle wa at season gallery, a few with buoy gallery in kittery maine, a few in nyc one with serving the people ran by lucien smith, has a few comics published, casper the french inquisition named blob, and my name is greg, dracula citgo a screenplay, and slot of banji 2 by wilt press in maine, currently lives in mt sterling kentucky with his wife, kasper heck

On ‘blondie – thanks for sharing’:

i go out every day with a tape recorder and a new tape all the time, i record daily things, but i also give it a little break every now and again and switch tools to my super 8 camera or drawing or collages etc, and come back to tape recording with fresh perspective and new ideas etc, for this album its a mix of different things, the first two tracks were part of a five song recording i made in june 2022 using an amp and sk-1 keyboard, and microphone, i came up with lyrics on the spot and picked samples on the spot too

for the song woody, the day before i was in the kitchen while kasper and i had been staying with a friend cacia at her place (cacia’s birthday song we sing to her in another track) and her cat wyrmwood or wyrm, so wyrm caught a woodpecker, he usually catches lizards, but brought the woodpecker in the living room and i heard a lot of crashing and banging and commotion, i went into there and a small red headed woodpecker was flying around, bloody and on the window awning, the cat was watching, and i got the bird close to the door opened it, and nudged it with a broom and it flew off, i cleaned up the blood after in the room

for back bunny road track behind the apartment was a short dead end road i walked to a lot for some quiet nature time and saw a lot of bunnies around, lots of briars for them to live in, that track is partially taped at back bunny road, the other part is kasper and i going around a hiking trail in red river gorge area and i recorded my thoughts and improvised ideas, i like to perform in a sense, embellish or exaggerate things i see and observe and i like to analyze layers wherever i go, layers of things that require looking at one thing or area slowly for a little bit, in the supermarket that day i was looking around the produce section at people smiling and some gathered in small groups talking and stuff, and saw glittery cheap usa flags adorned everywhere around the bread and donuts near the bakery

i did some recording with kasper on the couch using her sk-1 and later i continued on my own and recorded the ferrari song and the sisters song, sampling them and thats about it, the ferrari song is a sample from the end of the movie ‘american graffiti’ slowed down and looped etc

the white rabbit song, i had been into doing covers and edits of it for a few years, the acapellla version i did in february 2022, and the edited song i recorded with a large early 80s marantz tape recorder

buddha points at the moon, i got the title when visiting with a friends house who had a poster on the wall about buddhist circle i forget what it was, the tape of me repeating the audiobook on tape was the sequel to catch-22, just playing around a game with myself to try it out

with the song lightwood i had been trying to find a good sample from tv scene in thx 1138, and found the sample from a track from kaspers listening library i dont remember the band

– andy heck boyd

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