ANDREA PENSADO – …on the occasion of this noble feature called human disorder… CD


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Cruel Symphonies is exceptionally happy to kick off the label with the one and only Andrea Pensado. The 001 on this release stands for not only the catalog number, but also as the rightful position Andrea Pensado lives in on my list of the greatest noise artists performing today. In fact, this label was formed out of the need for a new Andrea Pensado album. Thankfully, this album has not only lived up to my greatest expectations but exceeded them greatly! On this album Andrea masterfully demonstrates her power of restraint while taking us on a jilted, hard panned journey through hell. The compositions build in a patient gradual way while exhibiting the prowess for improvisation one can only possess through years of practice. Andrea tactfully delivers some of her most challenging vocalizations to date rightfully earning her a place among legendary female vocalists of new music such as Bethany Beardslee, Yoko Ono, and Pauline Oliveros. All while harsh electronics tremor and shudder, backing Andreas voice like a cruel tortured marionette doll forced to stand up at once and dance across the stage. Andrea Pensado’s artistic roots lay within the study of classical composition and the experimental computer music of the early 20th century. Yet, she has earned a formidable reputation in the noise scene due to her blend of the courageous academic experiments in music of old and the embracement of the emotion and ferocity of the modern noise music scene. Due to this fact, her music truly transcends genre and lives in the hearts of experimental music enthusiasts around the world. If you are a maniac like me dead set on the pursuit of music existing on the cutting edge of experimentation and innovation, then this album needs to be part of your collection.

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