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An exellent glimpse into one of the more poorly lit corners
of Swedish experimental sound. This CD collects some of the
earliest solo recordings of Joachim Nordwall, under the moniker
A.B.O. Our ears catch whiffs of Francois Douris and the likes,
but any definite reference eludes us.

”Growing up in the remote south East of Sweden was great for
anyone into having a bad start in life. In my early teens I was
exposed through my friend Zwarre to suitable music like Throbbing
Gristle, Brainbombs and SPK. Perfect for my melted mind. We started
a label and recorded psychedelic electronic music as Alvars Orkester.
Alvars was strange enough but I needed something more extreme. I had
been recording stuff in my room since 1987 but most of it was intensely
bad (of course). Then in 1989, something happened and I started to
hit the right (wrong) note. I was deeply consuming experimental
music on cassette and my favs were artists like Paul Kelday, Nails
ov Christ, Teen Lesbians and Animals and labels like Sound of Pig,
Schimpfluch, RRR and Cold Meat Industry ruled my world. A.B.O. was
ment to be private music, stuff I actually did not intend anyone to
hear. The few cassettes I did for Börft Records were all ultra
limited and the few labels who asked for material,
I never even replied.”

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