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Opgenomen thuis, twee maal in de vroege ochtend ergens in oktober 2020.
Luid afspelen is een goed idee

Holy shit, this caught me off guard. Bought it because of the great name and the ambitious cover art, not having a clue what it was. Side A and Kkkkortsluiting then. A massive, slowly swelling and throbbing electric cyst is what this is. The track title fits very well. Whiffs of Treriksröset at his most restrained intense are felt more than thrice, but Mr Dallas definitely has something of his own going on here. Flipside, Zonder tietel, is your more usual harsh noise thing. Grinding junk, rivers of electrified lard and whathaveyou. Conventional though it may be, it works very well. But it’s what happens in Kkkkortsluiting I hope to hear much more of. Very good tape, and very very promising. ( Erik Nystrand)

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