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“The Shaft, the Blade, the Tip of The Spear” began as a concept album around bloodlust, exploring the humane, yet stigmatized yearning of blood, the taste, the touch, the lust.. penance of the flesh is the purest form of worship. he energy of this collection of songs is dynamic, yet highlights the harsh, noise and sonic aspects of industrial music; not focusing on the sub genres ei. HNW that have developed, but an objective collection of multigenerational artists. Brighter Death Now starts things off with (Roger’s) first release in 7 years. This particular contribution contains the cornerstones of his unique craft, featuring staples like the oscillating drone that modulates thoroughly through the stereo field. Raw saw waves in juxtaposition with vocal samples that are put aside from Roger’s growling voice. Next up, Rhythm is the key. Pod Blotz offers extremely dynamic compositions where Industrial informed percussion sit on top of. The sound sources are, of course, bizarre with shaped white noise and ethereal organ-like droning oscillators. The beautiful and unique tie together as one of Industrials finest contemporary pieces. Flesh Prison group Sprung Aus Den Wolken pulled an unreleased cut-up that at points create polyrhythms, expect much more from the group on Flesh Prison. Legendary Industrial group from Australia needs no further explanation if you’ve read this far, you know. Same goes for Dom of SPK’s solo project Tone Generator, Test Dept. although certainly not Laibach as they continue to exist in a different world that only Laibach knows. It also includes contemporary cuts from the hot new HNW project Vomir and a rendition of the Cut-Up Method, a distinctive and unique piece from The Rita. Richard Ramariz of Black Leather Jesus, and many other projects provides an uncompromising, vicious and at points brutal and true relentless expression that is an intransigent testament to his work.


A1 Brighter Death Now In Degradation We Trust 5:13
A2 Pod Blotz Ionization Skyward 5:10
A3 Sprung Aus Den Wolken Schweisslachen 1:14
A4 SPK Germanik 6:09
A5 Vomir Untilted 7:05
A6 Laibach Love is Still Alive (instr.) 3:22
B1 The Body (3) Untilted 4:59
B2 The Rita Beverly’s Face Abstracted By Her Blood 5:02
B3 Test Dept. Spring Into Action (Live at Porterhouse, Retford, UK 3:06
B4 Tone Generator Little Gypsy 3:18
B5 Hive Mind Stress Position 5:34
B6 Richard Ramirez All Lovers Lost 6:44

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