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VARIOUS – Predatory Aggression CS + Zine


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A requiem to the coldest acts of humanity, a taste of the cold blooded and a look to some of the most disturbed individuals. Compilation for those fascinated with death and every antisocial behaviour, projects included are: Cervical Smear, Flagellatio Orgasmus (Russia), Frataxin (USA), Interracial Sex (USA), Justified Rape (Chile), Pissoir Rouge, Psychosadist (Germany), Sodomy from Beyond (Mexico), Swollen Organs (USA) and The Vomit Arsonist (USA). 50 minute tape that varies from punishing and violent harsh power electronics to transgressive death industrial. Compilation is not mastered, everything sounds raw and ugly. Professional duplicated C50 and xerox zine, release come inside a real plastic evidence bag, limited to 100 copies.

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