UNEXAMINE – Waxed In Venom CS


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“There’s something out there, past the alleyway in the auto salvage yard. It’s hard to hear at first. It’s hidden behind the sound of a train derailing. Sliding. Sparks flying. Colliding into a boarded up burnt out building. It’s a filthy possum screeching from inside a burning dumpster. It’s a floating, bloated apparition of a face screaming into a metal drum. It’s an AM radio playing while you’re taking your tenth hit of nitrous. It’s all you regret. It’s the bruised arm from a blackout spill. It’s what scares you to continue living. It’s what excites you about death.”

– Aaron Aspinwall, Death Dedication, Nov. 2022

A very welcomed return on Angst for Danny Costa and Charlie Mumma’s creature.
Comes with an extra insert and hype sticker.

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